Enjoy www.amazon.com/Roku Music

Are you a music lover? Then you definitely cannot miss the www.amazon.com/roku music on your Roku streaming player. The Amazon Music channel on Roku will provide you with unlimited subscribers. You can have access to stream million and millions of songs from various genres and stations.

www.amazon.com/Roku Music

www.amazon.com/Roku Music

However, if you are a Prime member, you can experience Amazon Music Roku Unlimited that includes more than three million songs without paying a single penny.

Amazon Prime Music listeners can easily scroll through their music libraries, follow their favorite songs with browsing lyrics and track songs on the basis of your favorite singer.

Additionally, you can easily access to “My music” to locate all the song albums that you have bought or introduced to your library from any other device.

Activate Amazon Prime Music Roku

Before activating www.amazon.com/roku music, make sure to link your Roku account with the Roku device using the Roku activation code. The code will permit you to add the channel to your channel list and complete the activation setup.

  • After linking your Roku device to the Roku com link account, scroll through the Roku channel store and search for the Roku Amazon music app.
  • After locating the channel, highlight it and substitute the channel on your Roku channel list.
  • However, you can select your preferred TV service provider if you are a cord cutter use. Perform a login and take a pen and paper handy to jot down the channel access code.
  • Visit the www.amazon.com/Roku Music to provide the channel access code and activate the channel to listen to your favorite song.

Subscription charges for Amazon Prime Music

Adding the Amazon Roku Music app from the Roku Music channel list is free of cost. However, you are not allowed to stream a single song unless and until you have subscribed to Amazon Music Roku Unlimited. After enjoying a 30 days free trial, you have to pay a subscription fee of $99 per year. Additionally, a discount of $5.99 per month is available for all the qualifying users.

The individual Amazon Music plan starts from $7.99 per month for the Prime members whereas for the non-Prime members, it is for $9.99 in one month.

The Amazon Music Family plan starts from $14.99 per month, irrespective of Prime or non- Prime members.

Amazon Music Roku App

Maximum people will prefer listening to songs on their mobile rather than TV. For downloading Roku Amazon Music App on your mobile devices, you can easily visit the Google Play Store or IOS Play Store depending on your mobile handset. If you want to know more Roku about Amazon App, follow the Amazon Music app official website.

Characteristics of Amazon Music app

  • It allows you to play popular playlists, famous songs and albums from top stations.
  • Besides this, Roku Amazon Prime Music also allows you to navigate through new playlists and song.
  • You can view the song lyrics which are displayed on the TV screen

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