Voice search, the best search feature on Roku

Voice search is the best feature that is available on the latest models of Roku streaming devices. This
feature helps you to search using your voice and make necessary selections. Speak using
your voice at normal volume and save your time to a greater extent.

Devices that support the Roku Voice search Feature

The latest models of the Roku streaming devices support this feature and here is the list

Each of these devices arrives with the Roku enhanced remote that has the feature inbuilt.

Roku Mobile app, if you do not have a Remote

If you do not have a Roku enhanced voice remote, download the Roku mobile app. Open the
app to find the Magnifying Glass icon
Make a note that you can use the app with the Ios and Android devices
Press the Magnifying Glass icon and then speak using your normal volume

Wait some time until the search results are available

Launch the App > Go to the Home screen > Identify the Microphone Icon & Press it > Speak with
Normal Volume

How to use the Voice Search Feature on your Roku Remote

  • If you have a Roku Enhanced Remote, search for the Magnifying Glass icon at the middle left
    corner of the screen.
  • Power on your streaming device and then start pairing the remote with the Roku
  • Now press and hold the search button on your Roku enhanced remote and speak using your
  • After you speak using your voice, release the button
  • Now, the search results will appear on the screen
  •  You can search for your favorite movie, Name of the actor, Director and a lot more
  • With the arrival of this feature, the search results become much easier. The best part is that you can
    save your time to a greater extent

Turn on your Remote > Find the microphone Icon or the magnifying glass Icon > Press it > Speak using
the Normal Volume

  • If you come across any errors using the voice search feature, check if you have an active Roku
    mobile app
  • Speak clearly in a minimum volume
  • Check if your device is on
  • Restart the device and use the feature again
  • Check the status of the Network connection

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Use the feature; speak using your voice and the search results become much easier.

For more updates and information on how to use the Roku voice search feature, call our agents with the help of the Roku customer support number.

We are happy to help you help you 24/7 and provide you the required assistance.

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