What are the main causes of Roku activation issues?

Most users face problems while trying to activate or initiate their Roku streaming player, Stick or TV for
the first time. These Roku activation issues are caused by a few common reasons which will be
discussed in this article.

Invalid account

When you try to link your Roku to an account which is no longer active, then you may face this issue. In
such cases, you will have to create a new Roku com link account on the Roku site with an alternate email ID.
Once you create this new account you can go ahead and link your device to this using the activation link

Mismatching link code

Ensure that the link code on your TV and the one you enter on the website always match; these are case
sensitive and also expire soon. So make sure that you enter a valid code and if not generate a new code
and then enter it.

If you need to generate a new link code on your TV, then make use of follow the below-given steps.

  • On your Roku remote or remote app, select the STAR button which will open a menu option.
  •  From this menu, select GET A NEW CODE option and then confirm your selection.
  •  This will generate a new link code which must be used within a certain time frame.
  •  Besides, it is also case sensitive and hence take utmost care when noting down this code.

Time delays

Sometimes, the device will not go beyond the activation page for a few mins and you will have a static
screen. Whenever a Roku is activated for the first time, the process will take between 2 to 5 minutes for
completion. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this may take even longer (but not
more than 10 mins). Otherwise, there may be issues with your internet or with your network router.

Internet issues

Internet issues have to be dealt with the Internet Service Provider (ISP); they will send a representative
to look into the issue. In case if it is a problem concerning your network router, then you will have to
troubleshoot it to overcome Roku activation issues. Call us at our toll-free number and our tech experts
will help you resolve any router related concern.

Wired or Wireless connection

A dilemma that most Roku users face is choosing the type of network connection for first-time setup
and activation. Both wired and wireless connections have pros and cons but it is easier to troubleshoot a
wired connection. Therefore, first-time users mostly prefer a wired network setup using a LAN or
Ethernet cable.

For Roku activation issues and channel related FAQs, you can visit our website, use our chat line or call
us at our toll-free number.

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