Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for provides users with information about the data collection and transfer. It is equally important for all the users to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy associated with our website before using it. Because, even as you use the website, you automatically acknowledge to reading and agreeing to this Privacy Policy.

In other words, when the website collects information from users like Name, Contact Information, etc., we ensure absolute data security for all these.

Payment and Data Collection

We understand the sensitivity of the Payment and Data Collection information provided by the user. As a result, strict confidentiality is maintained for all. Other Information Collected from the Users Include Registration Form, Sign up and Request for Customer Service.

Collecting the Error Reports

Error reports collected, in particular, help diagnose any issues that arise in due course.


Cookies on our website verify and analyze the Site’s Traffic. To use the Cookies, accordingly adjust the browser’s Privacy Settings.

Violation of the Rights

In the case where the Rights of the website are violated, the respective government authorities are intimated. Make sure you follow all the Rules and regulations before using our website

We use the Collected Information to strengthen our relationship with our users, to respond to users Demand, and Send Offers. We use different means of communication such as website, Emails, Chats, and Calls to collect information

Location and the Data Collection

Our website uses the Location Information If required. All the Information Collected from the users are stored in a secure Location. This helps prevent Offences and Scams.

For information pertaining to devices, we use them for referrals where required. Read our Privacy Policy and You can gather More Information from the Users


All escalations are significantly serious. Our main aim is to provide our customers with comprehensive information that they might be able to use.

Credit and Payment Information

Credit card and Payment Information is essential and under the circumstances, we hold these credentials in strict privacy.

Read the Policies to use our Website. Go through the Credit and Payment Information, and data collection information, in effect. For more Information, dial the toll-free number provided.  In the event that you find it difficult to understand the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy, call us and we will help you.