Crackle is the the movie database where you can find uncut versions of all your favorite movies. So
setup and activate Crackle on your Roku today to enjoy unlimited movies. Moreover, you do not have
to shell an extra penny to stream these movies as Crackle is a free channel (for Roku users). It has a well
systematized menu of genres for both movies and TV shows. Therefore choosing a movies or show will
take only a few seconds. Action, comedy, anime, thriller and sci-fi are some popular genres.

Prevalent shows that await you on this channel include,

1. Chosen
2. Cleaners
3. Jailbait
4. Snatch
5. The Bannen Way

Preliminary preparations to setup and activate Crackle

In order to be able to setup and activate Crackle you need to initiate (activate) your Roku player first. If
you are a Roku account holder, then you can directly proceed to the device initiation steps. First-time
Roku users (any model) can happily follow the below given steps to setup your streaming player before
you begin. Otherwise, create an account first with the help of our representatives available at our
website’s toll-free number.

You need a PC or a smartphone

It is mandatory that you either have a PC or a smartphone when you want to effectively use your Roku
streaming player, without which you cannot complete the link account creation steps.

  • Access the SIGN UP page once you visit the streaming device website
  • Create a link account by filling in the online form with your corresponding personal details
  •  Your account creation process will be complete once you set a PIN and a preference for the
  •  Verify account creation by using the LOG IN page of the same website

Get your connections ready

  •  Authenticate the connections (wired) between the Roku streaming player, TV and the router
  •  In case of a streaming stick or Roku TV, you have to connect to the router via a wireless
  •  For a first-time setup avoid using old cables as there may be compatibility issues
  •  Turn ON the devices and complete the initiation process for the Roku
  •  First set it up with the home network after which it will download and install all the software it requires
  •  Once that is over with, you can wait for a few minutes for the activation link code to appear
  •  This will appear on your TV; note it down unless you have great memory skills
  • Use this code on the LINK A DEVICE menu page of your account to complete the activation process

Setup and activate Crackle

This channel is available in the channel store as a free pick for Roku users across the nation. However,
you must know how to add it and activate it to enjoy its wide video content. Visit the channel store,
search for Crackle and add it to your account or streaming player. For additional support on activating
Crackle on your device, call us at our toll-free number.

Are you finding issues during roku activation? Find our roku activation help page to find yourself helpful.

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