Tips for improving the wireless connection to your Roku

A solid internet connection is very essential for streaming online content using your Roku player. Some
users make use of a wired connection whereas others depend on wireless connectivity. Both these
connection types have their pros and cons.

We will however discuss about some tips for improving the wireless connection to your Roku in this article.

What can happen when you have a faulty Roku wireless connection

Poor buffering speeds, reduced audio and video quality and failed software updates are some common
issues that can arise due to a faulty wireless connection. The error code associated with a software
update failure in your Roku streaming device, Stick or TV is error code 003. So what causes this update
failure and what can be done to rectify the same? The following are the list of causes associated with
this error 003.

1. There is an issue with your home’s wireless network.
2. A request from your Roku device is not accepted by the Roku server.
3. The client server is down and unable to handle requests universally.

You need to make a note of the actual condition of the device and that of the
wireless network to resolve this error. Try reconnecting to the main server after resolving any issues
with home network (wireless).

Tips to improve the quality of your wireless network during setup

  • Ensure your wireless network is password protected and also verify that you enter the correct
    password during the setting up process.
  •  This tip will also be helpful when connecting to a wired network (Ethernet or LAN connections).
  • Another point to note is the correct selection of the network name during setup.
    Signal Strength
  • Always make use of a robust router device which can handle multiple simultaneous connections.
  • The router must have a good signal strength in spite of connecting multiple devices
  • In case your router does not support multiple devices at the same time, then disconnect other
    devices during streaming on your Roku.
  • The distance between your Roku and the network switch also plays a vital role in signal strength.
  • A closer proximity to the switch ensures better output quality for your online videos.
  • Restart the device
  • When there is a persistent problem with the connection, restart the router and the Roku once.
  • You can also perform a manual SYSTEM UPDATE on your streaming player by accessing the
    SETTINGS menu.
  • Reconnect to the network and then perform other functions such as device activation or
    software update.
  • Sometimes, the issue may lie with your internet provider whereas you must contact your ISP to
    resolve the issue.
  • Most Roku players support the wireless technology but however check the compatibility between your Router and the Roku.

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In case you have an older Roku device that does not support a wireless connection, call us for assistance
at our website’s toll-free number. Our tech support team will be able to provide the right solutions
depending on your streaming player model.

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