CBS All Access App for the Roku Player

  • To get the CBS All Access on Roku, go down to your ‘Streaming Channels’ option on your device
  •  You can search for it in there
  •  And then after you download it, check your Home feed and you will find it right at the bottom
  •  All of the recent apps are placed here
  •  Click on it and the channel can open up

About CBS All Access

Basically, to watch CBS All Access, you need a channel account and you can do that by creating an
account on the internet. Then the first time you log in to the CBS All Access on Roku, it gives you an option
to activate your CBS All Access on your Roku account and it will give you a code. Take that and on the internet, go to the CBS All Access
website. Here, you can just type in that code. You will then be logged in.


At $5.99, the service gives you the full suite of programming from old and new shows, Live TV, more recent
and featured shows along with the commercials. Pay $9.99 and you won’t have to look at the commercials.
You can browse and watch your shows without any ad interruption. The app also provides users with a 7-
day free trial to see what the channel has to offer. The advertising though is pretty similar to what you get
on traditional television.

On the Interface

As you enter you will see four options Shows, Live TV, Search and Settings.

  • Click on ‘Shows’ and every show that CBS has will be displayed in an alphabetical order. The library
    is massive, so it might take you a slightly long time to go through all of those. You can filter it is to
    look at ‘Daytime’, ‘Primetime’, or ‘Late Night’. There are also other categories that you can go
    through such as the ‘Movies & Specials’, ‘Classics’ and ‘News’.
  •  You can also watch Live TV. This is based on the feed that you get when you watch CBS over the
  • The ‘Search’ option is extremely helpful if you know what TV show you are looking for.
  • The ‘Settings’ option lets you log in to your account and change your basic settings.

The Main Page

The main filtered categories are (seen on the main page) are as follows:

Featured Shows

These list the shows that are newer on CBS or maybe the channel is trying to direct you to these

Recently Watched

This is going to be TV shows that obviously you have decided to watch and then you can go back
finish something that you haven’t been able to complete watching.

If you want to get back to a season of the show, you have four options

  • ‘Resume’ to continue watching from where you left off
  • ‘Watch from the beginning’ if you want to see the episode again from the beginning
  • ‘Add show to My CBS’ if it’s your favorite
  • ‘See More Episodes’ to watch the rest of the series. This is also a quick way to get into the
    episode guide instead of going through the ‘Search’ option or going through the ‘Shows’ tab

Primetime Episodes

These are episodes that are played on CBS and Primetime recently

Daytime Episodes and Late Night Episodes

These contain similar content such as Primetime episodes.

Classic Episodes

The list of episodes that were on CBS well in the past. Here, you can find content even from 50s
and 60s as well.


In the end, there are only clips, which are basically previews for shows.

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