Know about the Roku channels that are concealed

You might notice several channels missing on the Roku search.  Do you know why some channels on your roku don’t appear in your search results? The reason behind this is that some channels are not certified for viewing and they are called as private Roku channels or hidden channels.

You will be able to see the hidden channels when you enter the access code of a particular channel. Information that has to be noted is that Roku will not help in sorting out the issues with the private channels, as it does for the regular channels.

Some of the reasons for the channels to be hidden or private are given here. The channels with obscene content will be hidden on Roku search. If the channel is in beta version, then the channel would be hidden. Some channels are restricted to a certain set of audience and hence come under the hidden or private channel list.

Private channel activation on Roku

To activate the hidden channels, you need to sign in to your account. Visit the link  to add channels. You should have registered Roku account to continue.

If you don’t have a Roku account, you need to create a new one. You can find all the necessary steps to create the roku com link account. Enter necessary details. The account creation will take three steps to complete. In the first place, you have to enter your personal details like name, email, and password. Next, you can add a PIN to authorize your purchase and prevent illegal access to your account.

Finally, complete your account by filling in the payment information. Also, visit the above-mentioned link to add the private Roku channels. The webpage will ask you for the channel access code. Enter the Roku activation code without taking much time.

An invalid error code message will appear sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you have entered the wrong code. The code you entered may be correct, but the channel developer might have dumped the channel or updated the access code.

If the code is right, you will have a warm welcome and a warning about installing non-certified channel. Make sure the channel you install doesn’t violate Roku’s terms of service. Otherwise, you will be blocked.

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